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Noni fruit was always thought to be the most important and the most valuable healing plant.
The noni fruit has been popular among Polynesians for centuries: Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea. Over the past few years, juice from the noni plant has become available in health food stores and all over the world from Australia, Indochina to  Samoa Island. However, regardless of this origin, the Noni has blessed generation of people throughout the regions where it has grown.
The noni, also known as Indian Mulberry, with the scientific name of Morinda citrifolia, is a small evergreen shrub or tree, usually less than 10 feet high, occasionally rising to 20 feet. The conspicuous large dark green shiny leaves are generally paired, except where forming fruit. Thick and oval in shape, these leaves are deep veined, short-stemmed and 8 inches or longer. The flowers form in globose heads, about an inch long and bearing many small white flowers. The flower heads grow to become mature fruit, 3 to 4 inches in diameter. The surface is divided into somewhat warty polygonal pitted cells.

HEALTH, ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM, JOY OF LIFE, POWER…this are only some of the Noni effects. This is a fascinating plant, demanding of our respect. Its prolific beauty, she bears fruit year round

As a medicine, the fruit and its juices have been used in the treatment of diabetes, heart troubles and high blood pressure, with different portions prescribed for different illnesses. In these days of ozone depletion, noni is useful in the treatment of skin cancers.

Thanks to nutritious and healing abilities of seeds and pulp from Noni fruit – the CaliVita Noni juice consist of  seeds, pulp (natural antibiotics and easing, healthy oils)  and about 80-85 % of water. Such juice content guarantees much stronger effects than any other juices made from Noni fruit.

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As in the case of Tea and China, in the legends of Polynesia a story is found that men involved in medicine were hunting for plants that would have properties of relieving or curing diseases and keeping the best health. Morinda Citrifolia was found among other plants. In order to protect Noni Fruit’s nutrients, it must be harvested in a very specific way. “Noni’s nutritional value is best when picked ripe, which results in the highest level of polysaccharides, fatty acids, and proteins-compounds possibly responsible for the therapeutic biological activity of the fruit,” writes Dr. Harvey Kaltsas, President Emeritus of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association and the American Association of Oriental Medicine.
The processing of Noni Fruit can be done through Juice only Method, the Puree method, Tablets and Capsules method and the Powdered Juice Method, each of which have their pros and cons.
The Juice Only method is the purest form of Noni Juice because it is picked while the product is ripe, bordering on rotten. However, when the Noni fruit juice is 100% pure it can be difficult to palate because of noni’s inherit strong taste. The Puree Method is good too, but while being under scientific investigation, too many extra agents that are added may weaken the nutrient potency of the juice. Tablets and Capsules Method are like dried fruit. In this method the natural taste of the Noni fruit is covered and therefore, the efficacy is unknown.
In the Powdered Juice Method, like in the Capsules and Tablets Method, the Noni fruit is picked when reached maturity. The fruit is dehydrated and ground.  While the drying process covers the natural taste the juice will still have a nice flavor. However, the drying and dehydrating process masks some nutritional value.
This is a fascinating plant, demanding of our respect. Its prolific beauty, she bears fruit year round…as if to say, “here I am, please use me.” However, as you may already be aware, few of us are willing to make its intimate acquaintance. The aroma of its fruit is truly awesome, somewhat like bleu cheese. Some say “disgusting” or “horrid” or “stinks bad” or worse. And, it doesn’t taste good either! Yet, it is well-known to be one of the main healers among the traditional Hawai`i medicinal plants. It is said that this plant food is to be used when we are feeling really ill or really old.

The juices can be diluted with clean water or a fruit juice such as apple, and drunk before meals and at resting periods. Treatment should always be at a relaxed time, not before going to work. It is good to seek the advice of a Hawai`i health practitioner before using any plant medicines.
The noni fruit has been popular among Polynesians for centuries, and they introduced the noni plant to Hawaii. During World War II, soldiers stationed in the South Pacific ate the fruit for added sustenance. Over the past few years, juice from the noni plant has become available in health food stores around the world. Noni capsules, powders, and supplements are also sold.
Noni plant can be found in many tropical parts of the world but it seems that the best place for Noni to grow are French Polynesian Islands on Pacific Ocean.
The origin of the Noni fruit tree is from the Pacific Ocean and its botanical name is “Morinda citrifolia” and known for many years as having healing properties. The juice is effective in strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the body from toxins, prevention and healing of many diseases such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, stomach ulcers, digestive system problems and problems with kidney function.The Noni shrub or small tree blossoms in virgin lands, generally near the sea; it grows up to 10 feet high (or more). It gives fruit the whole year round. The fruit is green until maturity, when it turns to a light yellow and then a translucent white. The fruit has approximately 8 cm in diameter, and its pulp is brownish and dense. The Noni shrub or small tree occurs in India, Asia. According to some references, the consumption was limited to times of famine due to the rather bitter taste and foul odor of the ripe fruits.

In the past few years the Noni has begun penetrating countries in the West due to scientific and medical studies. Many universities around the world are conducting clinical experiments with the Noni and studies have even been published concerning the effectiveness of the Noni against cancer.

The Noni is renowned for its stabilization of the blood sugar level, moderation of menstrual pains, and lowers the need for urinating for those suffering from enlarged prostates. It also enhances the bodies healing capability unrelated to drug medication; Noni pushes the body into hormonal balance. Noni increases the level of Serotonin, helps depression and many sleeping problems. All cells in our body are like a factory in which thousands of processes are implemented every moment. In order to enable proper implementation of these processes, these cells need catalysts or enzymes. Drinking the juice enhances the killer cells activity, enhances Interleukin activity, which are hormones that carry messages from the immune system cells to other immune system cells. Interleukins also catalyze the production of B cell antibodies and enhance the toxic activity of killer cells.

Thanks to nutritious and healing abilities of seeds and pulp from Noni fruit – the CaliVita Noni juice consist of  seeds, pulp (natural antibiotics and easing, healthy oils)  and about 80-85 % of water. Such juice content guarantees much stronger effects than any other juices made from Noni fruit – for healing practice 30 ml is enough.
The noni fruit has been popular among Polynesians for centuries: Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea. Over the past few years, juice from the noni plant has become available in health food stores and all over the world from Australia, Indochina to  Samoa Island. However, regardless of this origin, the Noni has blessed generation of people throughout the regions where it has grown.


In the composition of Noni juice there are more than 150 nutraceuticals than act in interrelation within them in a way they harness its effects. The most important of them are: xeronin, proxeronin, scopoletin, damnacanthal, ursolic acid, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, calcium, zinc, copper, and the vitamins. This is the reason why noni has revolutionized the world of the nutritional supplements, since in a few years more than a million people have introduced it in their diet, bringing thousands of testimonies on the benefits its consumption has provide them. All these chemical compounds make Noni a rich source of vitamins and minerals. In addition to these noni is a source of carbohydrates, ascorbic acids, proteins, fructose, fats, glucose, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium.
A high amount of glucose and fructose that are present in noni make it a boosting factor that energies body in short time period. Terpene present in noni gives it properties to act as anti-cancer drug.
There are many other things that make it antioxidant and helps in curing very harmful diseases. A good chemical composition that is present in Noni makes it powerful medical remedy. It regulates immune system, digestive and circulatory system of body. Noni is also helpful in growth of hair and act as anti aging factor.
No matter which you choose to use, Noni is should be a very important part of your daily diet.
The health benefits of Noni fruit drink have been studied for years. Perhaps the main powerful part is said to be an alkaloid called xeronine that is said to strengthen and modify the proteins and structure in our cells.

Noni is also said to contain polysaccharide compounds that are able to enhance and stimulate a person’s natural immune system.Learn more about how to stimulate your immune system at Immune System Remedies. Noni juice has also been proven to help the body produce nitric oxide, which may help in bacterial, viral and pacific infections as well as tumors. For years, scientists have been studying the effects of daily use of Noni juice. Tests have proven that drinking Noni fruit drinks daily can protect your body from infection. Studies also shown that daily doses of the wonder juice will protect you from tumors as the polysaccharide substance suppresses tumor growth by stimulating your immune system. Compounds found in Noni help cells to regenerate and increase cell function. It also works against seven different types of bacteria and is also a natural antiseptic.
Phytochemicals are chemicals or substances found in plants.  So far many of phytochemicals have been identified appear to be helpful in fighting diseases. Beta-carotene is actually a phytochemical, actually all the carotenes are. The term neutraceutical has also been used for phytochemical. The difficulty in isolating one component in plants for its beneficial properties is that there are literally hundreds of different elements that have yet to be discovered.
Antioxidants are molecular compounds that can neutralize free radicals. One way is to give up one of its electrons, sparing other cells or substances from attack. The antioxidants that work this way are called free-radical scavengers (vitamin C, beta-carotene, and vitamin E).  Mineral antioxidants are minerals that are attached to enzymes. Enzymes take out the free radical through chemical reactions, but enzymes only have specific free radicals that they can target. Working together these antioxidants help protect the body’s cells from damage from free radicals. Amino acids
are the building blocks that make up protein. They are also the end product of protein digestion. Meaning that when you digest protein it is eventually broken down to amino acids so that your body and use them to make their own needed proteins. Free radicals are unstable forms of oxygen. Oxidative stresses are the forces that create a free radical. Reactions that occur during removing drugs or other chemicals from the body or help fight infection are also capable of causing oxidative stresses. They are missing an electron  and steal an electron from a other substances in the body. This, in turn, changes the structure of that substance becoming damaged. Sometimes these damaged materials steal electrons from other nearby substances, creating a chain reaction path of destruction. Cell protein, enzymes, fatty acids in cell membranes, and genetic material DNA are the favorite targets of free radicals to replace their missing electron. A diverse range of conditions can result from this set of damaged body materials; cataracts, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.



FDA confirmed that Polinesian noni juice have no preservatives. It is guaranteed 100% additive free. We use traditional methods to produce our Noni juice to give you the best product possible. We might not have the fancy bottles and packaging, but we sell our Noni juice at much lower prices.

Noni juice is preserved through a natural fermenting process which completely removes the need to heat the juice to high temperatures. It has been shown that heating juices to high temperatures kills or depletes natural occurring enzymes and vitamins.
There are no additives, preservatives, or distilled water (distilled water does not have to be added to the ingredient list according to the FDA to for a juice to be labeled 100% pure) Other brands of noni are diluted with other fruit juices and sweeteners to make the noni juice taste better. This is not to say though that there are not key things you would like to know when purchasing Noni Juice.

We do not believe in watering down our juice just because it might have a bad smell or taste to some people. If you do not like the taste of Noni juice, then you can add your own fruit juice, at least you know how much Noni juice you are taking everyday, and how potent the Noni juice really is.Other Noni Suppliers provide people with education about noni juice and noni juice product, this is great, but there noni juice is watered down with many fruit juices and additives, besides the fact that their juice is 4 times the price as ours.

I have also found studies that say that there has been a lot of Nuclear Testing done in the French Polynesian areas through out the years. You can even find doctors testimonials on the Internet where they do not recommend using anything from the soil in those surrounding areas. What differentiates our Noni juice from the rest of the worlds is, we are the Farmers, Producers, and Marketing team for all our own Noni juice.

The ancient wisdom about this medicinal fruit is still true today! It’s a must for a strong, robust immune system and overall wellness of mind and body. This strong antioxidant, high in active compounds, gives you super high energy levels and greatly increased stamina

Medical studies have suggested an exciting finding: that Noni increases the efficacy of the immune system by stimulating white blood cells into ‘overdrive’. Polysaccharide compound (6-D-glucopyranose pentaacetate), which is found in the Noni fruit, is generally believed to increase the overall killing power of your white blood cells. This is significant because white blood cells are your defense against many things: cancers, viruses, bacteria, and parasites.
Also, since Noni fruit is chock-full of many powerful antioxidants and compounds already believed to promote wellness such as selenium (skin elasticity, skin health), xeronine (cell structure health and regeneration), glycosides (defense against free radicals), scopoletin (anit-inflammatory properties), terpine (helps the body detoxify), limonene and anthraquinones (antiseptic properties particularly against cancer or for people with compromised immune systems).

Most people drink the juice that is made from the pure, ripened fruit, but many companies sell tablets and other forms. Traditionally, the recommend starting dosage is 1 liquid ounce (2T) daily. Noni is a natural product and there is no evidence supporting such thing as a Noni overdose. You should use your own discretion. We believe the best time to take Noni juice is first thing in the morning. If you do not like the strong, fruity flavor of the juice, you can dilute it with water or mix it other fruit juices. The Noni tablets are another good alternative to the juice. Noni purists prefer the juice.

Noni is used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and other chronic disorders, although no clinical data exists to support these uses (because there has yet to be a clinical trial specifically on the use of Noni juice).

There is no evidence to support any claim that Noni fruit grown in any particular location is better than any other. What is more important is whether you are buying 100% pure juice products versus processed versions that involve blending other juices, additives and preservatives.


Tree of Health has a fantastic new way to do just that. It’s called NONI POWER….and not only is it easy, it’s delicious!  Get a daily boost of 1,500 mg of Noni in a brand new dairy free, Soy based powdered mix.  Mix it in water, fruit juice or soy. It tastes great. There is none of the smell and taste associated with  pure Noni juice.But the benefits don’t end there.

Noni Power also delivers the healthful benefits of 17 other carefully selected herbs, minerals and  fibre rich phyto-nutrients in a form that the body can easily assimilate and absorb. It will give you the boost you are looking for.
Over the last couple of decades, scientists have been able to identify more than one hundred phytochemicals in noni fruit. We are still to understand scientifically how Noni works. There have been numerous animal studies and in vitro studies which show great promise. While it may be some time before clinical trials will prove noni’s benefits, a lot of people have experienced the benefits of noni for themselves.
The fruit of the Noni plant contains two natural occuring chemicals that greatly increases the efficiencies of the human body’s ability to take in and USE the natural nutrients in food. these chemicals, Proxeronie and Proxeronase, combined in the proper amounts, greatly enhance the production of Xeroine. This substance, first identified by Dr. Ralph Heinecke, a noted biochemist in the United States, was found to be critically essential to proper cellular function in the body. Scientist have studied the Noni plant for many years hoping to unlock the secrets of its tremendous impact on the body. In study after study, Noni has been found to be exactly what the traditional Polynesians have always know–a perfect natural gift.


    Help Improve General Metabolism
    Help Strengthen the Immune System
    Boost Energy Level
    Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
    Promote Healthy Joints
    Support the Digestive System
    Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
    Inhibits the tyrosine kinase and gives noni antitumor activity.
    Contains antioxidants that fights free radicals causing many serious diseases
Noni has many hidden aspect that are beneficial for any one’s health. It serves as a tonic and pain killer. It gives relief from several dieses like ulcer, asthma, lumbago and cancer. Noni juice is named as “Pain Killer Juice”. Noni juice is known as antioxidant and a boosting element. Noni juice is recommended to take in small amount initially. Starting from 1ounce one can exceed amount up to 3 ounce. It is equally beneficial for all . even small children can also use it but in small amount. It must be taken empty stomach at least 20 minutes before having food.
It is recommended by one of the best Noni scientists dr Ralpha Heinicke, dr Hirazumo-Kim, dr Solomona and many others.


From the correct functioning of our cells depends our health. If the cells function incorrectly also our organs function in an incorrect way. To keep good health we have to take care of our cells – each of them should function correctly.
It can be possible only when the balance between inner and outer habitat is kept. A balance depends on the cellular membrane. The cellular membrane regulates the flow of nutritious elements.

When the balance is being disturbed all nutritious elements, proteins, vitamins, trace elements cannot be absorbed by the cellular and all wastes are kept inside the cellular (they are stored and can’t go outside)

Cells with disturbed metabolism
All toxins gathering inside the cells constitute a good nutrition for bacteria and viruses. Damaged cell isn’t able to function any longer which automatically influences other cells, tissues and organs.

Active elements of Noni juice especially Xeroine on the one hand helps healthy cells to work properly on the other hand it regenerates ill and damaged cells

There is no cellular that could work without Xeroine as it is the basic element of proteins which are parts of cellular membrane. Its task is to strengthen the proper flow of nutritious elements
It is produced in small amount by human body. If you’re under stress endangered by toxins (in case of taking antibiotics) the demand of Xeroin is so high that the liver cannot keep up to produce it. In the course of time our body produces less and less Xeroine.

Dr Anne Hirazumi Kim writes that „ However the medical effects of Noni fruit ale being well known from 2000 years the effects of this plant are still being a mystery”

The most detailed researches by Dr Anne Hirazumi Kim shows that Noni fruit contains 66 active elements among them there is early mentioned Xeroine discovered by Dr Heinicke

Noni active substances

Xeroine – regenerates and rebuilds cells
Xeroine is an alkaloid that is essential for proper functioning of cells. Xeronine is produced in the body from Proxeronine and the enzyme Proxeronase to form Xeronine in the large intestine. The Xeronine is then absorbed into cells to boost cellular function.

Amino acids – buildings blocks for proteins
Important for most body functions. The essential amino acids are the ones our bodies cannot make and we therefore must get from our diet. Important antiseptic and anti-bacterial plant chemicals found in Noni juice. They have been shown in laboratory tests to kill pre-cancer cells, the immune response to cancer. Noni Juice contains 17 of the 20 known amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids.

Noni Damnacanthal – stimulates the production of lymphocytes “T” type “Cancer Killers”
T-cells are extremely important for people suffering from cancer, or other diseases which compromise the body’s immune systems They maintain healthy skin, nerve cells, heart tissue and blood vessels and help balance mood

Newly discovered compounds that prevent cancer and scavenge free radicals. bitter cancer-fighting compound commonly found in Noni juice and citrus fruits

Nitric Oxide
is involved with practically every major cellular or physiological function in the human body, everything from complex behavioral changes in the brain, airway relaxation, beating of the heart.

Research on Noni continues at an ever increasing pace with more of its phytochemicals being uncovered all the time. It is endowed with a greater number and variety of health giving phytochemicals than just about any plant known

Cleans our blood from different kind of toxins, reduces the sugar level, reduces bad cholesterol

Save the body from cancer

Supplement the cells. Natural substances giving nutritious elements to cells and body organs. Prevent illnesses, cancer and aging.

Fatty acids
keep your hearth healthy
basic element of skin, nerve cells, blood vessels, and cellular membranes.

limonene is used in food manufacturing and some medicines, e.g., bitter alkaloids, as a flavoring. Indispensable in fighting with cancer.

It is toxic in large amounts, but trace amounts of it are necessary for cellular function forming the active center of the enzymes glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductase (which indirectly reduce certain oxidized molecules in animals and some plants)

eases the pain.
Treatment of nausea and motion sickness, treatment of intestinal cramping, and for ophthalmic purposes.

8.    Benefits from using Noni


Do you really want to take joy from your life?

Do you want to take back your vital powers?
Answering say YES!

Did ever think how much time would you save if you weren’t ill? Together with valuable time goes money which you can save and assign for you and your family
Forget about illnesses, ailments, hours wasted in queues to see your doctor and money wasted for medicaments

According to genetic researches human body is designed to live even 160 years. The question is how to do it? How effectively take care of our health , how to protect our body against many diseases ?

Below, there is a description of some healing properties of Noni fruit. Noni has many  healing properties fighting many diseases: gives energy, improves the mood and improves the look. Noni is said to be good for everything. Its effectiveness is proved by scientists

QUESTION: How properly take care of our health?

ANSWER: Life speed causes that we deliver to our body with too small amount of nutritious elements. Noni juice acts complexity already on the cellular level. Improves the absorbtion of nutritious elements. One dose of Noni juice daily is enough

QUESTION: Is Noni juice suitable for everyone?

ANSWER: Yes. Nor age or sex have any impact on using Noni juice. No matter how old are you Noni juice is a perfect way to keep your body healthy. Noni juice is perfectly safe and can be used even by pregnant woman and during breast – feeding.

QUESTION: Are there any side effects?

ANSWER: Polynesian Noni juice cause no side effects, is completely natural product. It is impossible to overdose Noni juice, that’s why it is perfectly safe for all family members.

QUESTION: How to strengthen our immune system?

ANSWER: Noni elements stimulate our body to produce T-cells which are responsible for immunity. They attack and damage tumor cells or cells infected with viruses. Noni fights also  immune system diseases such as: infections, allergies, autoimmune diseases, tumors and inflammations. In many cases Noni inhibits the development of cancer cells.

QUESTION: What to do to have more energy and fight tiredness?

ANSWER: Above 90% of Noni users noticed increase of energy and about 80% noticed improvement of mood while using Noni juice.

QUESTION: What are the advantages of using Noni juice by elder people?

ANSWER: The older the cells are the harder is to rejuvenate or fix them. However active elements of Noni juice including Xeroine strengthen and regenerate cellular structure, stimulate damaged cells.

QUESTION: How Noni impacts memory and concentration?

ANSWER: It improves blood circulation and thanks to better blood flow to the brain it unblock the access to long-lasting memory.

QUESTION: How Noni impacts the nervous system?

ANSWER: Thanks to relay function Noni juice improves the communication among body cells and brain cells. It strengthens cellular membranes through which neurons communicate themselves. It also improves serotonin secretion.

QUESTION: Does Noni juice purify our body ?

ANSWER: Noni juice prevent the toxins from penetration to blood. It also quickens toxins neutralization by the liver of 50%

QUESTION: How Noni impacts the way we look and our good mood ?

ANSWER: Noni can be used externally (on a skin). It prevents inflammation, cures allergies and skin inflammation. Improves skin flexibility.

QUESTION: How Noni improves the life standard ?

ANSWER: Noni is a natural antioxidant. Catches free radicals which are responsible for aging process, weakening immune system and chronic diseases. Thanks to Noni the aging process is slower and keeps the vitality for a long time

QUESTION: How Noni protects out hearth?

ANSWER: Noni influences our blood system, regulates blood pressure and helps in heart ailments. It stabilizes the hearth rhythm.

QUESTION: Does Noni support the treatment ?

ANSWER: Regeneration function of Xeroine causes that active substances of medicaments are better absorbed by intestines and by cells.

QUESTION: Why Noni is helpful in cancer treatment?

ANSWER: Noni protects us against tumor in the first stage. Scientists observed that in case of using Noni juice the tumor size is limited. Noni juice helps in postoperative wound healing and limits the side effects of chemotherapy and irradiation.

QUESTION: Does Noni ease the joint’s pain?

ANSWER: Noni helps in arthritis treatment. It removes all inflammations caused by this disease. Active substances as scopolamine improves motion. Noni also limits joints and bones  damage. Many people suffering from arthritis noticed improvement.

QUESTION: How Noni impacts blood pressure ?

ANSWER:  Dr Salomon’s researches show that about 80% of Noni users noticed that they blood pressure reduces. Blood pressure normalizes thanks to scopolamine which widens blood vessels.

QUESTION: How Noni acts in case of asthma ?

ANSWER: Noni can cause the reduction of unpleasant ailments connected with asthma. Thanks to strengthening immune system and the impact on lung cells. Noni reduces the amount of mucosal incretions typical in asthma.

QUESTION: How Noni improves our mood ?

ANSWER: Noni eases depression through regulating the level of neurons in our brain. About 70% of Noni users noticed improvement.

QUESTION: Can Noni be used in case of overweight?

ANSWER:  Noni helps in weight reduction as it improves metabolism, regulates sugar level in blood and increases the amount of antioxidants.

QUESTION: How Noni eases the pain ?

ANSWER: Noni thanks to painkiller properties and thanks to Xeroine regulates the level of serotonin which is responsible for pain sensation and our good mood. Noni acts on different king of pain, also headaches. About 80% of patients noticed improvement. Thanks to regulation of serotonin level headaches and other migraine ailments quickly recede. Noni
removes the causes of migraine and other headaches through:
–    eliminating inflammations
–    eliminating sinus infections
–    muscle relaxation
–    purifying the body from toxins

QUESTION: How Noni protects us from stroke?

ANSWER:  Noni prevents the blood platelets from inflammations and formulating clots which are the main cause of strokes and cerebral hemorrhage

QUESTION: Does Noni help in braking of habits ?

ANSWER:  Noni is efficacious in addiction treatment like: heroine, cocaine, marihuana, nicotine, alcohol, drugs and even caffeine.

QUESTION: Does Noni help in blast mycosis treatment?

ANSWER: Noni is one of the preparation which helps to get rid of intestines blast mycosis.
Blast mycosis is a very common ailment appearing as annoyance and continual willingness on sweets. It causes heartburn, wind colic, bad taste in mouth, feeling of fullness, skin rush and many others. Thanks to Noni you will get rid of blast mycosis much faster. The willingness on sweets will reduce and you will say good bye to irritation.

QUESTION: Can Noni be used in diabetes type II ?

ANSWER: Through insulin receptors support Noni not only reduces the sugar level in blood but also prevents the set-back. Noni juice prevents: loss of sight, nephritis, leg cramps.

QUESTION: Does Noni ease the premenstrual pain?

ANSWER: Noni juice eases the tension connected with menstruation (PMS). According to Stephen Hall using Noni juice on most of gynecological problems is 100% efficient. Helps in difficult, painful and irregular menstruations.

QUESTION: Does Noni help in man ailments?

ANSWER: Men with prostate tumor after using Noni juice the tumor activity reduces to a high degree.

Polynesian Noni fruit – isI used to think people were joking when they called this “vomit fruit.” Turns out that natives gave this name to the fruit because of it’s odor as it ripens (I don’t think the odor is half as bad as the taste).Smell and taste aside, this tropical fruit is one of the most potent antioxidants in the world. In fact, at least in rats, morinda citrofolia (the scientific name of the fruit) was found to have carcinogenic (anti-cancer) properties.. “Cancer preventive effect of Morinda citrifolia. Besides curing cancer, this fruit really does have wide reaching health and applicative benefits, including skin care, digestion and fevers.Let’s not forget to give credit to Tahitian Noni International for making noni famous (or infamous). The MLM company peddles the juice for about fifty bucks a bottle (way way way overpriced), but at the same time, they are the ones who introduced and sensationalized it.
In all of my experience, I’ve never seen one product so beneficial in so many situations. I recommend Noni Juice to my patients and anyone interested in helping maintain good physical health. Replaces a vital, essential nutrient that has been depleted from our foods and is not currently replaced by any other supplement
Although thousands of individuals have used noni juice and provided positive testimonials supporting their recovery and improved health, the FDA forbids manufacturers from making claims that noni juice cures or that it can help treat specific health conditions. This is mainly because limited medical research has been done on noni juice to back up any health claim.
People suffering from auto-immune disease to arthritis have tried noni fruit juice in the hope of improving their way of life. With increasing demand however comes increasing supply and in many cases the Noni fruit juice being sold to unsuspecting customers are of inferior quality with little or no benefits. It was due to the large discrepancy in the manufacturing and claims of Noni products between different Noni distributors that this report was born. This report will detail the different manufacturing methods of Noni as well as some of the other subtle factors to look out for before investing in any Noni products.
In 1953 dr Ralph Heinicke became fascinated with all the stories and traditions surrounding the noni plant. “I feel strongly that as scientists we dismiss the cultural aspect because we assume it is not relevant. Heritage actually contains a lot of very specific information that we must simply learn to interpret. For example, a simple story may hide a recipe for picking and handling fruit during the appropriate season.”
After several meaningful discoveries, Ralph became convinced of noni’s potential to improve health on many different levels. Shortly after, he dedicated his life to the exploration and development of noni. He has since been dedicated to continuing noni research as a key member of TNI’s advisory board.
Dr. Heinicke has spent most of his life studying noni and the nature of its healthful properties. He still makes speaking appearances at key scientific conventions and TNI events. Tahitian Noni International was the first company to bring the benefits of noni to the world and continues as the leader in noni research and expertise. Dr. Ralph Heinicke works directly with our lab to continue the research he began over 40 years ago. In Dr. Heinicke’s words, “Tahitian Noni International’s exclusive processing methods ensure that the healthful properties of noni are preserved to the end product. I believe  Noni Juice and Noni products to be the best available; they are the only noni products I recommend and endorse.”

According to dr Ralph Heinicke the most valuable source of Xerotonine is Noni fruit.

Noni cures such illnesses and ailments as:

high blood pressure
diver’s bends
hearth diseases
stomach ulcers
digestion problems
vessels disorders
drug poisoning

One of the first articles about Noni effect was written by dr Allen. He informed the readers about healing properties of Noni fruits

The next publication was made by University of  Hawaii biochemist, dr Abbott. He informed about Noni benefits with diabetes.

Another work was written by dr Bushnell about Noni benefits with fractures, ulcers any other similar ailments.

Noni fruits not before 90’s years of  XX century began to be under research.
Although scientific researches started some years ago the have to be stopped because of the pressure of pharmaceutical industry (they were afraid of synthetic cures)

Nowadays almost 100 crucial elements were found in Noni fruit from magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus to vitamin C, pro vitamin A, group B vitamins and a couple of useful proteins and enzymes.

In 1990’s the scientists in Metz University of France supplied documentary evidence that Noni plays an important role in lowering high blood pressure. They also stated strong painkiller effect of Noni fruits.

Noni juice shows 70% intensity of painkiller effect. Noni juice eases almost every kind of pain. According to scientists the analgeticum (serotonin and procseronine)  is responsible of this effect.

In 1992 dr Isabelle Abbot – an expert in botany, taking conclusions from her own researches stated that the Noni fruit plays the most important role in healing : diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Dr Anne Hirazumi Kim (Pharmacology) intensively researching morinda cutrifolia claims that using Noni fruit levels the effects of two substances inhibiting T cells effect (immune system cells) and macrophages. In her researches she described 66 different elements included in Noni fruit and named it Noni PPT.

Japanese group of scientists from the Keio – gijuku University of Tokyo and from the Biomedical Institute dr Umezawa, dr Tomonori, dr Hiramatsu and others – in 1993 while examining 5000 substances of Noni plant and its anti cancer effect showed that the demnacanthal is a very good blocker of some cancer cells.

Dr Steven Hall claims that Noni not only brings positive effect but also strengthens the effectiveness of other therapies. The most reliable fact is that Noni helped many patients in case when modern medicine was helpless.

Dr Mitchell Tate to Tahiti where they were first introduced to the power of Noni. This trip set in motion the events that led to the formation of the Noni industry. Were it not for that trip, the Noni industry would not exist as it does today.

Upon his return home, Mitch shared Noni with many of his clients and was amazed at the results. It was everything the Polynesians had told him, plus more.

Appreciating the significance and importance of Noni, and driven by his desire to help people, Mitch formed a vision of bringing Noni to the rest of the world.
When asked why Noni works, Polynesians readily admit they do not know. A few pharmaceutical companies tried to isolate the “active ingredient” of Noni, and failed. In 1998, three researchers received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their discoveries concerning the effects of Nitric Oxide, a biological gas that helps control many bodily functions.

There are no known side effects to Noni juice. Over the years we’ve heard that a few people have experienced some minor discomfort, (such as bloating or mild digestive trouble), when they first started to drink Noni juice. Noni juice definitely has a laxative effect on some people and usually we’ve found that these individuals simply started with a dosage too high to begin with.

Dr Mitchell Tate – the director of researches center in St. George, Utah brought ti Us a couple of Noni fruits and in his researches found that using Noni helps in diabetes – in significant way reduced the sugar level in blood.

Mitchell Tate states that :

Noni researches was kept on rats
to which cancer infected cells were implanted
Six out of twelve rats were fed except normal
fodder were fed with Noni fruit. Six rats without Noni fodder
died as a result of progressing cancer
However six rats fed with Noni fruit
were completely cured.

Dr Tate says “ Noni juice contains a whole slew of cancer fighting nutrients. It kills cancer cells (the anthraquinone damnacanthal and the trace element selenium), it stops the spread of cancer (beta sitosterol, noni-ppt and limonene), it stimulates the white blood cells and other parts of the immunity system (polysaccharides) and takes part in a process that enlarges cell membranes so they can better absorb nutrients (proxeronine aids in creating xeronine). And this is only a partial list”

As you read Noni testimonials you will note that frequently Noni is used in conjunction with some form of chemotherapy and/or radiation. This is not the preferred way of taking Noni juice. Frequently it is taken after othodox medicine has given up on a patient. This also is not the preferred way, but is probably the most common way (which is another reason to be amazed at its testimonials). It is best if Noni is taken instead of orthodox medicine.

Dr Mitchell Tate summarizes :  I’m sure that Noni active elements through cells stimulation in bone marrow strengthen human immune system. It is a very effective weapon against different kinds of viruses. It also was documented by various independent researches.

Dr Neil Solomon

Dr Neil Solomon i an american scientist decided to find a plant with a proven track record of successes and with unique health benefits worthy of study. “I was interested in finding out how much of it people took to help different conditions. This led me to the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia plant “(noni).

He is a lectures on American universities including John Hopkins university. He also take part in many TV and radio programs every day stating the medical comments in CNN_TV. He delivered many international medical lectures.

Through 18 years he was the author of medical  heading in “Los Angeles Times Syndicate”. Through 10 years he was the first secretary of health issues in Maryland state. He was the chairman of four governor commissions and the advisor of health issues to the governor and US presidents

In the final analysis, the overall average of those who either objectively or subjectively experienced benefit was an unheard of 75%.  Dr. Solomon goes on to say that “the majority of Noni users who did not get optimal results failed to do so because they took a lesser dose and/or took it a lesser amount of time than recommended.” Dr. Solomon also notes that “My survey did show that 95% of those who reported that Noni helped them in some way experienced those results within three months of starting Noni.”

Since testimonials about natural products are not profitable to pharmaceutical companies, Noni testimonials are ignored by various corrupt governments. However, there is an enormous amount of scientific evidence as to the anticancer activities of individual nutrients that are well known to be in Noni (not always researched as part of a study of Noni, but frequently researched relative to other plants). To say there is “no scientific evidence” for Noni’s anticancer activities is absolutely rediculous. It is corrupt political lying at its worst.
From scientific researches and thousands of cured patients results that only special joint of individual substances made by nature have effective healing properties, is friendly to our body and is not strange as synthetics.
Scientists from CaliVita that produce Noni juice use modern processes in making the best products – lyophilizing. To avoid damaging of elements during pasteurizing to produce the best highly energetic products we uses the help of doctors and caterers.
Additionally 2 prestigious  certificates GMP and FDA ensures the highest quality, safety, good brand of Polynesian Noni .
American FDA classified Noni to special category GRAS –  Generally Regarded As Safe. It means that Noni is safe for pregnant women and while breast – feeding. And for example coffee or aspirin aren’t classified in this group!
J.Skarbek book „ Noni- Firut of Heath”

Scarce trade elements such as gold, rod or arid are the vital elements indispensable in optimal functioning and fixing damaged DNA. Noni among many valuable elements includes ale such rare elements as above mentioned

To avoid pasteurizing, Noni pulp is freeze during a modern productive process – lyophilizing. Only live products are used. Pasteurizing products aren’t classified in this group, they aren’t live products. Thanks to lyophilizing frozen pulp is put into bottles. The juice is much thicker than any other juices.

Polynesian Noni like many other lyophilizing products like Zenthonic, Ocean 21, do not contain any preservatives that could cause gathering of toxic substances in our bodies. Polynesian Noni composition is safe.

Polynesian Noni juice by CaliVita International contains concentrated extracts which are fresh for a long time. The come from cranberries and raspberries. these elements are also vital to our health as they contain antioxidants right from the nature: citric acid (from raspberries and cranberries and many others), potassium benzoate ( black currant, blueberries and other blue fruits), potassium sorbate (blackberry), fructose (raspberries, zircon) natural flavor, thick stabilization – xanthan gum (from algae, fruit cellulose) thanks to which the juice is always fresh and keeps healing properties.

Polynesian Noni should be treated as enrichment of daily nutrition , not as chemical, pharmacological medicine prescribed by a doctor.

This page has informative character promoting healthy life style. Not one you may substitute the information by doctors diagnosis.  To fight the disease you have to known her very well and also known its causes and consequences which stick in your body for months or even years
10.    DOSAGE
In order to adopt all valuable elements of Noni Fruit :
•    drink Noni juice on an empty stomach: without rinsing by any liquids, minimum half an hour before the meal ( peptic juices can damage some Noni elements)
•    keep the bottle with Noni juice on a fridge
•    stir before drinking
•    taking into consideration the active elements of Noni juice – do not dose with metal spoon
•    there is no likelihood of overdose or addiction of Noni juice
1 X 30 ml in the morning on an empty stomach minimum half an hour before breakfast (it is good to divide the dose on 2 and take in the morning and in the evening)
Noni juice can be drunk by everyone: adults at any age, pregnant woman, infants, kids and sportsmen. Also ill person ought to drink Noni juice to support the healing process. “All natural CaliVita International products can be taken by diabetic” dr Edit Varga CaliNews
first 3 months – 15 ml dosage (plastic spoons) 3 times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening (in the morning on an empty stomach minimum half an hour before breakfast, in the afternoon and in the evening 2 hours after a meal and half an hour before next meal)
after 3 months increase the dose to 20 ml three times a day. The minimal dosage while curing is 30ml (2x 15ml)
Weight under 125 kg the dosage should be increased by 1 spoons
Weight under 150 kg the dosage should be increased by 2 spoons
There is no likelihood of overdose or addiction of Noni juice !!!


2-4 years old children
2 x 2,5 ml; by 2-3 first months
2 x 5 ml; next months

4-7 years old children
2 x 5 ml; by  2-3 first months
2 x 15 ml; next months

children at school age
2 x 7,5 ml; by 2-3 first months
2 x 30 ml; next months

children and teenagers 14-16 years old
half adult dose


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